CNN political hack Alison Camarota wants to nail President Trump but Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr says he sees “no obstruction”. Starr goes on to say that it’s a very hard case to make. Camarota comes back and tries to make the “HOPE” comment by Trump to be an admission of guilt…Starr isn’t buying it:

She really, really wants this but Starr says she’s “going to intent”. It’s very hard to prove and to know someone’s intent…BINGO! Starr hit the nail on the head with the last comment!

Starr also goes through the same thing with George Stephanopolous: Notice how Stephanopoulos tries desperately to get Ken Starr to claim Trump is guilty…

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It’s a full-on deep state press with the constant media bashing of President Trump. It’s become a surreal experience to just attempt to listen to the blathering liberals on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and other local liberal hack stations. All credibility is lost…

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