Legal Expert Jonathan Turley listened as Joe Scarborough laid out a lengthy timeline to make a case of obstruction on President Trump. His response is awesome and very precise in its reasons for not recommending obstruction charges. Turley is a Democrat but is a very fair legal expert who rules according to the law…how refreshing! While the left freaks out about nothing, the people like Turley who are REALLY qualified to judge this are saying it’s a nothingburger. We don’t even have evidence of wrongdoing but talk of impeachment is all over the place.

Please sit back, relax and listen to the voice of reason…Professor Jonathan Turley:

•There was “ample reason” to fire Sally Yates when, as acting Attorney General, she instructed the Department of Justice not to enforce President Trump’s executive order on immigration.
•“Obstruction of justice requires that you act to obstruct or interfere usually with a judicial or congressional proceeding, neither of which was pending at this time.”
•“You also tend to show it was done for a corrupt, or corruptly, to use the statutory term. This doesn’t meet the usual definition of that.”

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