One attorney representing President Trump recently came out to slam Trump-hating judge Juan Merchan.

Jesse Binnall told Breitbart News that Merchan was essentially compromised and continues to have massive conflicts of interest.

The lawyer explained that Merchan’s donations to Biden and the work of his daughter are highly irregular as far as judges go.

Binnall’s opinion is just one more voice in the growing calls for Merchan to recuse himself in this incredibly important, precedent-setting case. Journalist Kyle Becker correctly pointed out:

“Judge Juan Merchan, a Biden donor whose daughter worked for powerful Democrats, just threatened former President Donald Trump with JAIL if he misses a single day of trial over the coming months in the middle of the 2024 campaign. If this isn’t election interference, nothing is!”

Binnall told Breitbart:

“I’ve never known a judge before who’s made a political donation while he’s been on the bench.

It is highly unusual for judges even to make political donations. But the fact that he did make a political donation, showing where his political allegiances lie, and then staying on a case that is having a huge impact on a presidential election is extremely improper,” he said.

Not just because it shows that he’s biased, it shows his appearance of partiality, and we in this country have lived for about 250 years under the rule of law.”

President Trump denounced the presiding role of Juan Merchan as biased, unfair, and unjust in a bevy of both written statements and televised comments.

ABC News reported on the ongoing attempts by President Trump’s legal team to remove Merchan from the case:

“Under these circumstances, Your Honor has an interest in this case that warrants recusal, there is an unacceptable risk that the Court’s family relationships will influence judicial conduct, and the Court’s impartiality ‘might reasonably be questioned,’” defense lawyer Todd Blanche wrote, asking for permission to file a motion in support of recusal.

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