Last week Joe Biden embarrassed America by wearing a mask on a Zoom call with 40 world leaders (see below). There was also no American flag in sight during the Zoom call, while other world leaders had flags in the background. Biden also got his teleprompter words mixed up and confused the words saloon and salon with each other. Another thing Biden did was caught on video and is over the top awkward.

During the summit, Biden suddenly went on a tangent and said his wife likes the Navajo Nation too much and that they need to “let my wife come home!” It was an attempt at a joke, but it fell flat. Biden just sounded like an old guy yelling at the TV. At one point, he was even pointing his pen at the person from the Navajo Nation on the screen. He finally caught on that his pandering joke wasn’t flying, and he quickly switched gears to get back on topic…”I should be so…”

Joe Biden is an international clown. His performance yesterday solidified his position as only the most unqualified person to occupy the Oval Office, with his former boss, a community organizer turned President, Barack Obama coming in at a close second.

Guest post from Conservative Brief – This is beyond embarrassing.

Joe Biden, who claims he is fully vaccinated, was the only one wearing a face mask during a virtual climate change meeting with world leaders.

Read that again: Biden wore a face mask during a virtual meeting, meaning he had no contact with any humans at all.

Interestingly, Biden also appears to be the only world leader who doesn’t have their national flag on screen.

Social media users absolutely torched Biden:

Benny Johnson of Turning Point USA tweeted:

Biden is the only one wearing a mask *indoors* on a *video* call with world leaders about climate change. How embarrassing.

Matt Couch tweeted:

Joe Biden was masked up for a Zoom Call with 16 other World leaders… He was the only idiot wearing a mask by himself… In a room for a Zoom Call… This isn’t a leader; this is an embarrassment.

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