As the war in Ukraine continues to rage on, Germany has placed itself in the most neutral position of any western country.

The decision is likely because of Germany’s reliance on Russian natural gas to keep its economy afloat.

Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, 55% of Germany’s oil came from Russia and roughly 35% of its natural gas.

LGBT activists in Germany have taken a hardline stance against Russia due to the country’s persecution of LGBT people.

During a pride parade this weekend in Berlin, activists demanded that Germany arm Ukraine so that pride parades can be held in the Ukrainian city of Mauripol.

Breitbart Reports

“Protesters at an LGBTQ event in Berlin have demanded that Ukraine is armed in order to allow the Russian-occupied city of Mariupol to host a Pride parade.

Pro-LGBTQIA2S demonstrators at a Pride event in Berlin have demanded that weapons are sent to Ukraine in order to enable the country’s rulers to liberate the port city of Mariupol and host a Pride Parade there.

The Berlin-based event, which took place on Saturday, was one of many Christopher Street Day demonstrations across Europe, with the pan-European celebration occurring annually in memory of the Stonewall Riots.

According to a report by broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, police said around 350,000 individuals took part in the protest, which this year reportedly centred around a “strong signal for diversity, freedom and respect and against hate, war and discrimination”.

However, for at least some protesters at the event in the German capital, sending a “strong signal” against war included demanding Ukraine be sent more weapons.”

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