A woman posted a very important story on her TikTok explaining the dangers of pushing a transgender identity on children. This woman, who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community, shared her personal experience with pressure to identify as trans, and her subsequent fears for the younger generations being forced into believing they need to change their identity.

TikTok user @jeebs4ever posted a video explaining the experience she went through in her early 20s that almost led her to identify as a trans man, then shares a very real warning about what can happen when just one person pressures you to change who you are.

“When I was in my early 20s, I lived in Olympia, Washington, and I had a girlfriend at the time and she told me ‘You are a boy’ and I was like ‘Mmmm not so sure about that.’ But she pressed it and pressed it enough. She’s like ‘Look at the way you dress, look at your mannerisms, look at the way you talk,’ and I’m like ‘Mmmm okay, well, I still talk the same… Still have the same mannerisms.’

But she was damn convinced. ‘Yeah, you’re a guy.’

So, I went with it… I started binding, I went with a stupid different name… and that was in my early 20s…

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Once I broke up with her, got away from those friends, I wanted nothing to do with that and I immediately stopped. And, I was so glad that I am who I am today. Thank God, oh my gosh. Really enjoy just being me.”

Then, drawing from the experiences she went through, the woman addressed the growing issues with parents and teachers trying to force a specific gender identity onto a child who may not fit the standard mold for their true gender.

“I look at the younger generation today and what they’re doing to kids, and how easy it is for their minds, and to just flop that – and, it is, it’s like a mental delusion. Because I was a full-a** grown adult convinced by one person, their friends supported me, and it was, like, instant. And if I hadn’t gone away from that, I have no idea what would’ve happened.”

“So, do I think it’s a mental delusion? Yeah, I do… I really do feel like it’s not okay, especially for the younger kids. Especially. It’s not okay. They’re way too young.”

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She then points out that, if one person was able to have so much influence on her when she was already an adult, then imagine how damaging this is to the kids being told they are supposed to be a different gender.

“If that happened to me in my early 20s… imagine these younger kids with just, like, a single teacher telling them ‘You are not a boy, you’re a girl. Or the other way around.”

What this video points out is that a girl can be more “masculine” or a boy more “effeminate,” but that doesn’t mean they should be forced to take on the role of a different gender. The woman in the video has short hair and doesn’t necessarily fit the gender stereotypes for a ‘woman,’ but she maintains her true identity proudly because, so what if she doesn’t fit the mold?

It’s important to let your kids express themselves, but it becomes a serious issue when the parents/teachers/adults are the ones deciding who the children “want to be.”


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