Irish journalist and documentary filmmaker Ann McElhinney took down a clueless liberal student during a discussion on global warming…Ann is the quickest and smartest at debate. This liberal picked on the wrong person…

The student insults Ann with the following comment:

“I can’t take anything you said seriously because you said that washing machines were more liberating than the birth control pill,” the student yelled as a friend tried to calm her. “You don’t know anything! You are the least credible human being I’ve like ever encountered in my life.”

She then called Ann a “Goddamn idiot.”

Ann proceeded to give this student a BIG reality check on the EU and then American exceptionalism. Bravo Ann!

On a side note- If you ever have the chance to hear Ann McElhinney speak, DO IT! She is one of the best speakers around!

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak and came away very impressed!

Her latest project is on the Gosnell abortion case:


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