Irish journalist and documentary filmmaker Ann McElhinney took down a clueless liberal student during a discussion on global warming…Ann is the quickest and smartest at debate. This liberal picked on the wrong person…

The student insults Ann with the following comment:

“I can’t take anything you said seriously because you said that washing machines were more liberating than the birth control pill,” the student yelled as a friend tried to calm her. “You don’t know anything! You are the least credible human being I’ve like ever encountered in my life.”

She then called Ann a “Goddamn idiot.”

Ann proceeded to give this student a BIG reality check on the EU and then American exceptionalism. Bravo Ann!

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On a side note- If you ever have the chance to hear Ann McElhinney speak, DO IT! She is one of the best speakers around!

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We’ve had the pleasure of hearing her speak and came away very impressed!

Her latest project is on the Gosnell abortion case:


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