Philadelphia and its top officials are being sued over a pledge to donate $500k in taxpayer money to a state abortion foundation

The city of Philadelphia, alongside its top officials, including Mayor James Kenney, treasurer Jaqueline Dunn, and controller Rebecca Rhynhart, is being sued over an August 4th announcement pledging to donate half a million dollars to the “Abortion Liberation Fund of PA,” a foundation which funds women seeking abortions throughout Pennsylvania.

Philadelphia’s mayor Jim Kenney pledged to donate half a million dollars in taxpayer money to an abortion foundation, ignoring Pennsylvania statutes forbidding such action

From the Post Millennial:

“Abortion is healthcare no matter where you live,” said Kenney at the time. “In Philadelphia it is legal, but sadly that does not mean it is accessible for everyone. Providing financial support for people seeking abortions is one of the ways we will support Philadelphians in their fundamental right to bodily autonomy.”

The plaintiffs argue that the funding from the city violates section 453 of the Pennsylvania Human Services Code and section 3215 of the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act.

The PA Human Services Code states the following:

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“Since it is the public policy of the Commonwealth to favor childbirth over abortion, no Commonwealth funds and no Federal funds which are appropriated by the Commonwealth shall be expended by any State or local government agency for the performance of abortion.”

While exceptions are in place for rape, incest, and cases threatening the life of the mother, these exceptions are not the focus of the “Abortion Liberation Fund of PA.”

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The PA Abortion Control Act similarly reiterates that commonwealth funds, and commonwealth funds appropriated by the federal government, cannot be used for abortion.

Plaintiffs Charles and Theresa Kuhar and their lawyers seek to file an injunction preventing Philadelphia’s donation of commonwealth funds to the abortion foundation.

Both at the federal level and at the state level in most states (even though where abortion is still legal,) there is precedent and often statutes in place which prevent taxpayer money from going towards abortions. This is as true in Pennsylvania as it is anywhere. Philadelphia’s pledge to donate tax money to an abortion foundation is unlawful, clear as day.

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