LIBERAL COMPASSION: This story is a perfect example of how the Left is leaving citizens behind in favor of invaders from other countries. Why are we allowing politicians to have this kind of power? Where are the voices of the citizens who are watching their heritage and centuries of a rich history in their countries being stolen overnight by strangers, many of whom are looking for a better economic situation?

A homeless man has been found dead in the centre of Bolzano. The corpse was found by some passers-by in a makeshift bed made from cardboard boxes, alongside the wall of the Hotel Alpi, which is currently being used to house refugees. According to the investigators’ initial information, there were no traces of violence on the man’s body.

Here is a photo of the lobby in the 4-star Hotel Bolzano:


Here is an image of the “refugees” who live there. This was taken in July last year, as they were staging a protest about not being given enough milk. Please note the “refugee” with the smart phone and earbuds. The suffering of these refugees can be summed up in this one picture:


Via: Trentino AA/s

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