Alex Baldwin sure has some nerve to try and slam Trump on something he said in private over 10 years ago! Baldwin has had violent and vulgar outbursts in PUBLIC towards female reporters and photographers. He also called his daughter a “pig”. He’s a mean-spirited man who’s a total ass. Baldwin loves to bash Trump and has been doing so since the billionaire announced his run for president. Remember that the words Baldwin spoke as he was portraying Trump were words Trump said in PRIVATE long ago: 

Americans buying into this ridiculous faux outrage over the word “p*ssy” and Trump’s comments need to take a breath and refocus on the REAL issues at hand:

Open Borders/Immigration


Foreign Policy

Now that’s what we need to discuss…but will America get over the reality TV sort of political season we’re having? Here’s what I’m hoping…I’m hoping Americans finally realize we have way too much to lose in this election than to be swayed by something someone said 10 years ago: “This election cycle, Republicans finally realized that we need to stop playing the civility game and put someone in the ring who can fight back. We finally recognized the futility of complaining to the referee about unfairness. Unfortunately, it took us almost a decade to realize that the MSM have stacked the deck. We’re not after another gentleman politician; we needed a card shark, a gunslinger, and a hustler. And that’s what we got with Trump. Yes, we realize that that type of person brings a lot of baggage, but we’re desperate to win. There is too much to lose” 

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