Liberal late-night host Bill Maher has often diverged with the Democratic Party on social issues, calling them too ‘woke’ to appeal to moderate voters necessary to win elections long term.

While Maher did not come out and condemn the indictment against former President Donald Trump that was announced this week, he did issue a dire warning to Democrats who believe that it will be politically advantageous for them.

Maher warned that the indictment will cause a ‘cycle of revenge’ for future Presidents and could result in Joe Biden being indicted after he leaves office.

Republicans have condemned the indictment as ‘politically motivated’ and called it a dark moment in American history.

The indictment follows a series of attempts by Democrats to impeach Trump while he was in office and to hit him with civil and criminal charges after he left in January of 2021.

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There are multiple other ongoing investigations in to Trump, including potential federal charges resulting from a classified document dispute.

The Daily Caller Reports

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Maher began his panel with Tablet Magazine columnist James Kirchick and Republican Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears with a discussion of Trump’s indictment.

“I always ask myself the question, ‘What is actually better for the future of the country and my future?’ Because I don’t want to live in a country where we are one of these places where whoever is president, as soon as they get out of office, they go after them,” Maher said.

“It’s almost Greek tragedy-like because you set off this cycle of revenge like The House of Atreus. And I guarantee you when Biden is out of office, Day Two, they will try to arrest him,” he continued.

“Where are you on that?,” Maher asked Sears about Trump getting indicted.

“Everybody deserves due process right, we don’t even know what the charges are, do you know what they are? I hear that there are 30 of them, right now we’re pretty much speculating. What I’m saying is, I think like my grandmother said, be careful that you don’t dance on the grave of your enemy because you may fall in,” she replied.

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