The Council For American-Islamic Relations CAIR held a quick press conference last night to let everyone know that this terror attack had nothing to do with Islam but was “work related or mental illness”. When you watch the video below please note that he reluctantly states that it could be “extreme ideology” but you know that’s not what’s going to play out in the press. Several news outlets this morning are reporting that the shooter left a Holiday party angry and came back with his jihadist wife to commit mass murder. Who gets mad at a party and comes back in full tactical gear wearing a GoPro camera? Before the media gets too far off track, it’s important to note that there are hallmarks of jihadi behavior here that cannot be ignored:

  • the couple dropped their baby off at grandmas and said they had a doctors appointment
  • tactical gear with body armor was worn
  • GoPro cameras were worn to record the horrific attack
  • according to neighbors, several Middle Eastern men were seen coming and going over the past few weeks and working late into the night
  • many packages arrived at the apartment/condo but a neighbor was too pc to tell anyone what was going on (see below)
  • the home was booby trapped when police arrived and three devices have been found
  • “devoutly” religious



This will be played off as workplace violence just as the Fort Hood shooting was. When do we wake up and call this exactly what it was? The truth is that we won’t because we have a president who wants to make this about guns and gun control:


Obama is never going to let this be Islamic terror but will push out the false narrative that it’s workplace violence. He must follow his agenda so once again he’s putting the safety of the American people at risk to fulfill his agenda.

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