Thanks to Donald Trump, the media has finally become transparent. In fact, the media’s attempts to hide anything good that comes out of the Trump family or administration is becoming painfully obvious to the everyday American, who never fully understood the seriousness of their deceit and misleading coverage of their opposition. Melania’s visit to HomeSafe, a home for abused girls in Lake Worth, FL is no exception. Had this been a visit by media darling Michelle Obama, the press would have been tripping all over themselves to report the compassion of the former First Lady for addressing the plight of these abused girls. But it’s not Michelle Obama, it’s the wife of the enemy, so her visit stayed under wraps…no accolades…no praise…just media crickets.

First Lady Melania Trump visits HomeSafe, photo via HomeSafe.

GP – The First Lady’s visit to HomeSafe was unannounced, however a press release was issued by HomeSafe and several photos were posted online including at the @FLOTUS Twitter account.

Yet, with the exception of the local Palm Beach Post and FootwearNews which focused on the shoes she wore to HomeSafe, no media reported on the First Lady’s visit.

Melania Trump mentioned her visit on Twitter with this photo of her at the home for the abuses girls, along with offering the girls some words of encouragement and praise:

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Palm Beach Post reporter George Bennett also tweeted about her visit:

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Home Safe also tweeted pictures of Melania’s visit. They thanked her for the visit and said they were “excited to have @FLOTUS visit our girls group home in Lake Worth.”

Here is an excerpt from the HomeSafeFL press release:

This morning, First Lady Melania Trump made a surprise visit to HomeSafe, and visited with the girls living in one of the five residential group homes run by the agency. Mrs. Trump brought gifts for each of the girls and spent time in the home visiting with all of them. In addition, she brought Easter Baskets and stuffed bunnies for other clients served by HomeSafe.
“We were thrilled to have the First Lady here and for our girls to spend time with her,” said Matthew Ladika, CEO of HomeSafe. “What a unique experience for them. This is something they will never forget.”
The First Lady spent about 45 minutes at the agency. The girls she visited with are victims of abuse, ages 12-17, who have been removed from their family and placed in HomeSafe’s residential program for treatment of the trauma they have suffered…”

Home Safe’s description of their agency on Twitter: HomeSafe is preparing children and families for safer, more productive lives through child abuse and domestic violence prevention and intervention programs.

The media’s decision to ignore this story only proves they really don’t care much about the plight of women or of young girls, what they care about is destroying the enemy. The media’s transparent hate for anything Trump has forced them to show their cards, and as a result the mainstream media will likely never be trusted again by Americans who once bought everything they were being told…hook, line and sinker.

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