President Donald Trump was seen handing out warm meals and offering victims of Hurricane Florence a bit of levity and encouragement, today.

Trump worked with volunteers at the Temple Baptist Church in New Bern, North Carolina, to pass out meals to victims and along the way, he made quite a few friends.

One of the more touching moments was caught on camera by ABC News, and to their credit, they actually published the video as part of their coverage of the Trump’s visit to North Carolina.

Watch the video that has been making its way around social media of a little boy who asked President Trump for a hug:

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Here’s the type of “reporting” Americans are finding from the so-called media about President Trump’s visit to North Carolina to help out with Hurricane Florence victims and to assess the damage:

The Huffington Post who behaves more like a scorned woman than an actual news publication when it comes to President Trump attempted to convince their followers on Twitter that President Trump was somehow mocking the victims of the hurricane as they claim he was overheard telling someone in a vehicle that he was handing a meal to, “Have a good time”. They have no idea about the conversation that was taking place between the President and the occupants of the vehicle. They could have been telling him that they’re going to watch their granddaughter play soccer, or reporting that they were going to visit a friend to have a drink, to which, the perfect reply would be “Have a good time”. So, with absolutely no context to accompany their criticism of him, they give their followers a one-liner intended to embarrass and belittle him, after he just spent the entire day working with volunteers to feed hurricane victims.

Here’s their embarrassing tweet:

Earlier in the day, Trump was handing out meals to hurricane victims and told one person in a car, “Have a good time” as if they were going to an entertainment outing

AJ+ News, who has almost 1 million followers on Twitter, has decided that instead of covering President Trump’s visit to victims of Hurricane Florence, they would instead, highlight a letter written by 132 Democrats criticizing the way he handled Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Timing is everything. God forbid, they allow President Trump to take any credit for managing the succinct and effective response to the flooding by everyone from local to first responders in a multitude of capacities.

Thank goodness for Fox News and their honest coverage of Trump’s visit to the hurricane-ravaged state. Here’s the video Fox News posted on Twitter, showing Trump’s comments during his visit, that are clearly meant to comfort the victims of the hurricane, and let them know they are not alone.  Is it any wonder that Fox News continues to be the #1 rated cable news station on TV?

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