Tessa Stuart, a snarky, feminist, Rolling Stone reporter, recently shared her thoughts on a large Women For Trump event that she attended in Tampa, FL.

Tessa Stuart

In her “Art of the Sale: Inside the Room Where Women are Pitching Women on Trump 2020—Is 2020 going to be 2016 all over again?” article that appeared in Rolling Stone, she paints President Trump as a “reality TV star” who can’t hide his contempt for women. From the venue where the Women For Trump event took place, that Stuart described as, “a garish, Babylon Gardens-inspired Eighties mall,” to the women in attendance, Stuart can’t seem to find a single positive thing to say about President Trump or his passionate female supporters.

Any article about Trump, from the perspective of a man-hating feminist, wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the, “grab ’em by the p***y,” remark that Trump made in confidence with another male, several years before he even considered running for President. Stuart doesn’t disappoint her feminist fans, as she explains how she was sure this ancient quote between two men in private, would sink his presidency. How could any woman vote for such a man?

It’s curious, that the Rolling Stones reporter never asked how any respectable woman could run for president after her husband was impeached for having sex with an intern under the desk of the Oval Office, and was accused more than once, of sexual assault, including the crime of rape.

My assuredness that Trump was cruising toward defeat, propelled by a dearth of female support, came in part from the fact that the only Women for Trump event I’d covered that year was attended by exactly eight women.

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I was wrong. In the end, American women did choose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, but not by a large enough margin to keep him out of the White House. (Fifty-four percent of all women supported Clinton, compared to 41 percent who backed Trump.

Stuart explains why the Trump campaign is focusing on women in the upcoming election:

But after Democrats saw huge gains in the 2018 midterm elections, largely driven by female voters, the Trump campaign is not taking any chances. In late August, it hastily arranged a slate of events across the country to celebrate the 99th anniversary of the 19th amendment. More than a dozen gatherings took place in battleground states like Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Nevada, each hosted by a different set of female Trump surrogates — ex-Fox News personalities, a former Apprentice contestant, and at least one mother of a child killed by undocumented immigrants. It’s all part of a strategy to win women back — or, in most cases, win them for the first time.

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The feminist reporter describes how she believes most women were closet supporters of Trump in 2016. Her fear, like most of the far-left Democratic Party mainstream media, is that women will stop hiding their support for President Trump. Like a dutiful soldier of the Democratic Party, Stuart attempts to shame the women who dare to openly support President Trump.

Stuart mocks their appearance, as she tries to pigeon-hole Trump supporters as wealthy white, country-clubbish women, “Hundreds of women in tea dresses and pearls, skinny jeans and KAG (“Keep America Great”) hats form a line that snakes through the convention center’s breezy atrium toward the street.”

After trashing Florida’s attorney general, Pam Bondi, one of the headliners of the event, she moves on to the first lady of Florida, Casey DeSantis, who Stuart suggests couldn’t be there because she was too busy with the execution of the I-95 killer Gary Ray-Bowles. Stuart appears to intentionally paint a picture of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis’ wife as a bloodthirsty first lady who wouldn’t dare miss an execution of a prisoner for a Women for Trump event.

Florida’s first lady, Casey DeSantis, was also set to participate, but she bowed out due to a prior obligation: The execution of Gary Ray Bowles, the I-95 killer, took place the same night. 

(Credit Image: © Octavio Jones/Tampa Bay Times via ZUMA Wire)

Her next target, is the beloved Dr. Gina Loudon, a reformed liberal who is one of President Trump’s biggest fans. Loudon frequently calls out feminists for their attempts to neuter the male population in America. Stuart writes:

During the opening prayer, Gina Loudon — a conservative commentator who self-styles as “Dr. Gina” despite questions about her credentials — offers a sense of the kind of women’s “empowerment” this night would be about: the type that is as non-threatening to men as possible. Loudon solicited the Lord’s blessings for “the men we love — from the founders of our great nation to our husbands, brothers, and sons… We ask you to reverse the emasculation of men in our culture so that all men can rejoice and flourish in the roles which you have created for them… Protectors, lovers of freedom, partners on family and faith, warriors for you — we love our men and we never want that to be diminished in our efforts, as we stand together as women.”

Cheers rip across the audience, but they are nothing compared to the deafening roars the room lets out when President Trump is piped in through the speaker system to offer a few words of encouragement. “If we lose… It will be a very, very bad day for the country,” Trump tells the women. And with that it’s finally time to get to the real point of this event.

Lucky for the women who couldn’t attend the event, but are dying to know what they can do to help secure Trump’s reelection, Stuart shares some advice from the beloved Kellyanne Conway about what women need to do to help Trump win in 2020:

The pitch was simple: This president is doing a fantastic job, but the message is struggling to get out because the media is biased against him. Luckily, the women in the room were told, there was something they could do to help: spread the good news themselves, to everyone in their lives.

“For each of you,” says Conway, “you need to have a seven-second version, a 70-second version, and a 7-minute version where you answer the question even when not asked: Why I support Trump/Pence 2020. Why I’m going to vote. Why I’m proud to stick up for this president and his policies, and all the progress that we had, because people will see you and they will listen.”

Stuart calls her pitch to the pro-Trump women a “pyramid scheme.”

Here’s the advice for Conway (you can thank Stuart for publishing it):

“The most important messenger is you, and here’s why: When people in your neighborhoods, your churches, your synagogues, your mosques, your school system, the senior center, wherever it is you are, the grocery store, when they see you, they say: ‘I like you, and you’re like me,’” Conway tells the audience. “You’re the best ambassador to bring three, four, five women along… You have to be the messenger who explains to people: Do you know how much better off you are now?”

The best line of the event came when Conway called out media’s obsession with “women’s issues.”

“I crack up when I hear women’s issues because, by definition, it excludes women from most of the conversation,” Conway says. “There’s no such thing as a women’s issue. I’ve been doing this for 30 some years, and not a single moment ever in my career have I heard the word men’s issues. Never heard it! You know why? Because everyone assumes every issue is a man’s issue. That you can handle the economic conversations, the conversations about wars, you can pronounce the names of foreign leaders. And we can’t? Excuse me, we can… So I’m sick and tired of hearing ‘Women’s issues’ which is just a euphemism for abortion, really.”

Finally, the feminist Rolling Stones reporter admits feeling deflated after attending the event, openly worrying that “contrary to reports, it felt like president’s female support has only grown since 2016,” admitting her fears over the possibility of female Trump supporters becoming “louder and more confident than ever in their conviction that he’s the right person for the job.” Stuart ends her article by mocking women who support President Trump, by saying,” I guess you could call that a kind of empowerment.” Stuart completely ignores Trump’s historically low unemployment numbers for women and his commitment to giving women more opportunities in the workforce. What she also ignores, is that most women want a strong man in a leadership role.

The truth is, Tessa Stuart isn’t interested in understanding why women support Trump, she’s only interested in shaming anyone who doesn’t support her liberal views.

Are you sick of feminist journalists shaming you for supporting our president? The Michigan Trump Republican group hosts 2-4 Women For Trump or Trump 2020 events every month. These women are knocking it out of the park in the must-win state of Michigan. If you want to help them to win the state of MI for Trump, you can donate at this link: MI Conservative Coalition. Your donation will help to plan more Women For Trump luncheons, Trumperware parties (in-home get-togethers for Trump supporters) and pub events for Trump supporters in MI. 


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