A concerned parent attempted to bring books in her child’s library to the school board’s attention and was shut down for reading them aloud.  The school board cut her mic for reading content that was not K-12 appropriate, apparently not recognizing the irony.

The book discussed sexually explicit content, including a child who ‘discovered’ masturbation after having her first period and who used sex toys.  The book was allegedly available to students in grade school through the online library.

The Epoch Times Reports


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“The mother, identifying herself as D. Barnes, spoke at a March 16 school board meeting for Adams 12 Five Star Schools, which serves Denver’s northeastern outskirts. She told board members that she was “very concerned” about the material that children have access to through their schooling.

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“I do not favor book banning,” she said to the audience, many of whom had spoken before her either in support or opposition to the district’s policy regarding “gender non-conforming” and transgender students. “But I do want to tell you that pornography does not belong in our schools.”

Barnes specifically took issue with two books: “Gender Queer,” a graphic novel by Maia Kobabe, and “Lawn Boy,” a young adult novel by Jonathan Evison. She said that young children have access to these titles “via online resources that Adams 12 made possible.”

“Alison Bechdel writes ‘Fun Home’ about discovering masturbation soon after her first period,” Barnes began reading from “Gender Queer.”

After Barnes cited a passage that discussed the child using a sex toy, the school board cut her off, saying she was “out of order.”  One board member said that she would be allowed to continue to speak if she only discussed “K-12 appropriate” matters, despite the fact that the mother was reading directly from a book available in the school’s libraries.

Other parents expressed their frustration at the school board silencing Barnes.  “But it’s in the library.  You made it appropriate!” one parent yelled.

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