It’s liberal lunacy with this entire “gender neutral” locker room thing.  It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. Can you imagine if your daughter was one of the swimmers in the locker room when this guy came in? It’s all fun and games for these liberals until it’s their daughter or granddaughter. This rule should be overturned.

Conservative activists have launched a ballot campaign to overturn Washington’s transgender rule, fueled by alarm over a man who began undressing in front of girls at a Seattle Parks and Recreation women’s locker room.

The campaign, Just Want Privacy, launched Wednesday amid a slew of local news report about a man wearing board shorts who entered the women’s locker room Feb. 8 and took off his shirt, citing the sweeping gender-identity rule enacted in December by the Washington State Human Rights Commission.

Although several women alerted staff, it’s unclear that the man did anything wrong. Under the rule, transgender people cannot be required to use “gender-segregated” facilities, and the onus is on anyone uncomfortable with sharing facilities with a self-identified transgender person to seek alternative or gender-neutral accommodations.

Was he within his rights under the rule? “I don’t think there’s any question that he was,” said Joseph Backholm, executive director of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, which is spearheading the initiative drive.

“As long as the person says, ‘I identify as a woman,’ and they’re not doing something criminal like actually assaulting somebody, this rule gives them the legal right to be present,” he said.

In its Dec. 26 rule making on the state’s anti-discrimination statute, the commission banned “asking unwelcome personal questions about an individual’s sexual orientation, gender expression or gender identity, transgender status, or sex assigned at birth.

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