Anyone who is not yet convinced that liberalism is a mental disorder hasn’t been on social media since President Trump’s inauguration. Every day the hateful rhetoric is ramped up by liberals who are no longer able to function in everyday society since they’ve been afflicted with Trump derangement syndrome.

Hollywood celebrities are holding up severed heads of our President. Has been pop-stars like Madonna say things like they’d like to “blow up” the White House. Black Lives Matter has inspired an entire league of overpaid professional NFL athletes to turn what was a movement against our brave law enforcement officers into an anti-American, anti-Trump movement. Only two days ago on the SNL Resistance show, Michael Che called President Trump a ‘cheap cracker’.

This tweet by a woman who claims to be a “teacher, mother, sister and woman” may not even come as a surprise to anyone who follows the hatred vitriol the left spews every day on social media. Sadly, this woman didn’t even have the common courtesy to keep her disgusting hate for anyone who doesn’t agree with her politics in her shallow little head.

Ann#TheResistance has deleted her Twitter account. If anyone knows this woman, it would be great if you could contact the school where she works, as it appears she is not stable enough to be left alone with children who may hold opposing political views.

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