Thousands of Muslim Kurdish Youths attacked a Christmas tree inside the Family Mall in the northern Iraqi city, Duhok (known in Assyrian as Nuhadra) as the police stood by (much like the rioters in America today) and did nothing. This is what happens to a society that allows lawbreakers to threaten the safety and security of citizens with different beliefs or views.

Pay attention America. These may be Muslims living in another country who are disrespecting Christianity, but their lawless behavior and destruction of personal and public property is no different that what we’re seeing in America today.

This is also a great example of why we vet immigrants coming to America from majority Muslim countries who hate us, and why we need to make it clear to anyone who wants to live here, “Either you assimilate or GET OUT!” We have enough trouble with George Soros’ paid terrorists destroying our cities as it is. We don’t need to invite more trouble to our country.

Here is a better quality video without the commentary:

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