On Wednesday, the Washington Post tweeted out an article that accused Biden regime Attorney General Merrick Garland of ‘politicizing’ the Department of Justice.

The title read ‘Garland vowed to depoliticize Justice.  Then the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago.’

The article was posted in the wake of the FBI’s raid on President Trump’s estate that occurred on Monday night.

Senior Department of Justice officials admitted on background that the raid ‘spectacularly’ backfired after President Trump and high-ranking Republican officials attacked the FBI.

President Trump’s son, Eric Trump, alleged that the FBI violated due process rights by not giving President Trump’s lawyers a copy of the search warrant.  He claimed that they only allowed them to view it from 10 feet away.

The Washington Post’s accusation comes as many other center-left politicians such as former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang expressed concern about the FBI raid.

After significant left-wing backlash, the Washington Post later deleted the article from Twitter.

The New York Post Reports

The Washington Post deleted a tweet promoting one of its stories on Wednesday that suggested Attorney General Merrick Garland “politicized” the Department of Justice by authorizing an FBI raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

“Garland vowed to depoliticize Justice. Then the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago,” read the headline of a story written by Justice Department reporter Perry Stein.

The headline in the tweet sparked outrage on Twitter, which apparently prompted the Jeff Bezos-owned broadsheet to remove the tweet and re-post it using a different headline.

“No, he’s in the middle of unraveling a crime spree committed by the former president of the United States. There…fixed it for you,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This is so embarrassing I worry for the future of journalism,” another Twitter commenter said of the original headline.

Jay Rosen, who teaches journalism at New York University, said the original headline was “painfully under-thought” because it “seemed to say that Garland was shifting course and unduly politicizing DOJ.”


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