The uber liberal San Francisco Chronicle slams Senator Dianne Feinstein’s treatment of information she received months ago about Judge Kavanaugh…


Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s treatment of a more than 3-decade-old sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was unfair all around. It was unfair to Kavanaugh, unfair to his accuser and unfair to Feinstein’s colleagues — Democrats and Republicans alike — on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Feinstein, a California Democrat, took the worst possible course by waiting until almost a week after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing was completed to ominously announce that she had turned over “information from an individual” about Kavanaugh to the FBI, and adding that she would be honoring the woman’s “strongly requested” confidentiality.

Feinstein has been around Washington long enough to know that her opaque statement guaranteed that the contents of the letter, sent by a Stanford law professor on behalf of the accuser, would be pursued and publicized in short order. And they were…

In concealing the accusation she had received in July, according to reports, Feinstein did a disservice to her Judiciary Committee colleagues, who might have wanted to determine if corroborating accounts were available, or at least question Kavanaugh about the accusation in a closed session.

Instead, Feinstein’s colleagues were left in the dark.


It goes without saying that this Supreme Court Nominee has been through the ringer. Judge Brett Kavanaugh went through the circus that was the Senate Confirmation Hearing and had 6 FBI background checks. He also met with Senators for private one-on-one discussions. The Senators had plenty of time to vet the nominee. That’s why it’s very suspicious that Senator Feinstein tossed the information on Kavanaugh out there at the last minute…

Senate Leader Mitch McConnell spoke out about the “irregular manner” in which this claim was brought out:

“Now, an accusation of 36-year-old misconduct, dating back to high school, has been brought forward at the last minute, in an irregular manner”

President Trump called out Feinstein for holding back information:

“Kavanaugh spent quite a bit of time w/Feinstein & it wasn’t even brought up & she had this info. So you would have thought, certainly, that she would have brought it up at the meeting, not wait until everything’s finished & then have to start a process all over again.”

President Trump spoke out on the nominee for the Supreme Court today with glowing praise for Judge Kavanaugh’s character:

President Trump says Judge Kavanaugh is “one of the finest people that I’ve ever known… never even had even a little blemish on his record” before sexual assault allegation surfaced

Majority Leader McConnell is speaking on the House floor in support of moving forward with confirmation of Kavanaugh:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the allegation against Brett Kavanaugh: “Now, an accusation of 36-year-old misconduct, dating back to high school, has been brought forward at the last minute, in an irregular manner”

“Democrats did not raise it in the closed session, the proper forum where such an allegation could have been addressed with discretion and sensitivity. They did not raise it in the 1,000+ follow up questions that senators sent to Judge Kavanaugh in writing.”

“But now, now, at the 11th hour, with committee votes on schedule, after Democrats have spent weeks and weeks searching for any possible reason that the nomination should be delayed, now, now they choose to reveal this allegation.”


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