Remember when liberal Hollywood actor and brother of Hanoi Jane called for 11-year-old Barron Trump to be ripped from his mother’s arms and put in a cage with pedophiles?

Peter Fonda Tweet

Most liberals remained silent. Some, like Kathy Griffin, even cheered the low-life actor.

How do conservatives react when a gossip rag attempts to destroy the 20-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama?

It started out with the UK gossip rag, The Daily Mail’s article about the “Under-age Malia Obama” who was “spotted sipping on an $80 bottle of wine with three friends”…GASP! The 20-yr-old Malia Obama will be 21-years-old in a couple of months, and she sure doesn’t look like she’s creating much of a scene in the images published in their article.

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The next UK Daily Mail article was about Malia Obama’s “secret Facebook account” that again, GASP! reveals that the “former First Daughter hates Donald Trump.” They apparently don’t know who her parents are, or that she’s a student at Harvard…duh!

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Hard-core Trump hating leftists, and full-grown adult men, like Ed Krassenstein and Brian Krassenstein tweeted about how “amazing” it was to see that Malia had a secret Trump-hating Facebook page.

Brian Krassenstein falsely accused conservatives of criticizing Malia Obam for being “irresponsible.” He then compared Justice Kavanaugh as someone who got “blackout drunk at 17” and “boofed?” and “allegedly sexually assaulted” women. We’re wondering why sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome continue to cite this false allegation since it was determined to be a lie?

The truth is, we couldn’t find a single conservative who was tweeting a negative comment about Malia Obama, in fact, top conservatives on Twitter were telling others to leave her alone.

Conservative, gay Republican and regular live video guest commentator on our 100 Percent Fed Up Facebook page, Scott Presler, said it best:

I’m not going to criticize Malia Obama. Instead, we can better use our time criticizing Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer, who refuse to secure our border. How many more Americans have to die from opioids & how many more children have to be sex trafficked?

Conservative Tim Young defended Malia in this tweet:

Malia Obama isn’t responsible for her father’s policies… and she definitely wasn’t elected to the White House… Sorry, not giving that article the clicks and you shouldn’t either. All first kids (who aren’t members of white house staff) should be off limits.

Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro mocked anyone who criticized the almost 21-year-old Malia Obama, saying: OMG Malia Obama is a human with political opinions and also enjoys wine.

Young, conservative social media giant, CJ Pearson tweeted his support for Malia Obama’s privacy:

Why is everyone hyperventilating about the actions of Malia Obama – a child that is not theirs? Let’s leave the snowflakery to the other side.

Conservative Robby Starbuck tweeted that he won’t “spread the garbage being run about Malia Obama.” He reminded everyone that she’s a “20 year old adult who’s trying to figure out who she is, making 20 year old mistakes,” saying “This is not news.”

He also called out the left for blaming the manufactured scandal about Malia Obama by the UK Daily Mail, for trending on Twitter, saying: “You’re hard pressed to find one who cares but you’ll find a ton defending her right to be a young adult, living a young adult life.” Starbuck also tweeted examples of conservatives who defended Malia Obama’s right to privacy and to hold whatever political beliefs she chooses.

The left, who just can’t help themselves, kept tweeting about a non-existent effort by conservatives to criticize the former first kid.

@BrandnMarsalis thinks the non-existent tweets about Malia from conservatives are caused by racism and opportunists.

This Twitter user somehow manages to tie the manufactured outrage by conservatives over Malia Obama drinking wine to the uncorroborated and discredited story about Brett Kavanaugh from several decades ago.

Conservatives: Malia Obama drinking wine responsibly at 20-years-old and laughing with a friend is irresponsible. Also Conservatives: Brett Kavanaugh getting blackout drunk at 17-years old ‘boofing’ and allegedly sexually assaulting women is no big deal.

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