Liberals on Twitter accused President Donald Trump’s son Eric of sporting a “Nazi haircut” when he debuted a new hairdo Sunday.

Eric Trump sported a new hairstyle with the side of his head shaved in an interview with Fox News. Trump’s trendy new style is far from unusual: celebrities like Macklemore, David Beckham, Brad Pitt, and Adam Levine have all sported the same look.

But in recent years, members of the alt-right, including white supremacist Richard Spencer, have also started wearing their hair the same way. Some have even begun to call the style “fashy,” short for fascist.

When a screenshot of Trump’s hairstyle first hit the Internet, reporters and liberals assumed the worst. – WFB

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Political reporter for “The Guardian” asks if Eric Trump is wearing a “fashy” or in other words, if he’s sporting a fascist haircut.

This Twitter user is suggesting Eric Trump looks like white supremacist Richard Spencer.

This Twitter users profile says he’s a “mental health counselor”! It looks like someone could use a little mental health counseling themselves:

This dingbat Twitter user attempts to suggest that Trump’s new haircut is some sort of “dog whistle”…

Meanwhile, Malia Obama’s twerking and public weed smoking antics were virtually ignored by leftist social media users and most especially by the rabid leftist media who considered them “off limits”, like this picture of Malia hanging out with friends in a room with a huge bong in front of her.

Or this video showing Malia standing on a stage and twerking in front of thousands of Lalapalooza fans in Chicago:


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