Liberals on Twitter just can’t find enough reasons to hate Trump or anyone connected to him. Tonight, libs went nuts over a picture that was taken of Kellyanne Conway in the Oval Office as she positioned herself on a couch (gasp…with her shoes still on) while taking a group picture, as President Trump met with the leaders of the nation’s historically black colleges and universities. Hmmm….maybe the anger wasn’t really about Conway’s shoes after all. Maybe the outrage is really more about the idea that President Trump met with a large group of prominent black leaders in the oval office. They couldn’t attack the black leaders, so why not attack one of the most accomplished women in America?

Things must be slow at the liberal rag Buzzfeed, as their DEPUTY NEWS DIRECTOR took to Twitter over his concern for Kellyanne Conway wearing her shoes while kneeling on the couch in the Oval Office:

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And this from a Chicago Tribune columnist:

Here’s our response to this clever tweeter who attempted to “imagine” if Hillary Clinton actually put her shoes up on the couch in the Oval Office. Yeah, never mind that whole Monica Lewinsky thing with Bill in the Oval Office. Kellyanne’s shoes on the couch is much worse than  Hillary’s husband committing sex acts with a 19 year old intern in the Oval Office. LOL!

You’d think a Motherboard climate change freak reporter would be using every waking moment to cover the changes Trump’s EPA is about to implement…but no, this reporter is consumed with Kellyanne Conway’s shoes on the couch, suggesting she “may even need therapy”. We could’ve told you that before you tweeted! LOL…

Here’s a screen shot of liberal Kaivan Sheriff’s post. He blocked us on Twitter, so we had to settle for an image of his tweet. Apparently he feels threatened by two moms who tweet about real news…


Here are just a few examples of Obama doing much worse. Yeah, okay libs…wanna talk about disrespecting the Oval Office? 

obama feet obama foot obama foot II obama III

We saved the best one for last:

foot on desk

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