A recently released CNN poll reveals that only 41% of Americans approve of how special counsel Robert Mueller is handling the Russia investigation.

Lifelong Democrat and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz was asked about the low approval rating of Robert Mueller, during his appearance on Fox and Friends.

Fox News host Ed Henry asked Alan Dershowitz to explain his thoughts on the direction of Robert Mueller’s investigation, given that the majority of Americans aren’t buying into it, that it “seems like it will be a very difficult road ahead”.

Dershowitz reminded the Fox News hosts that the poll was taken before IG Horowitz’s report was released. Dershowitz also reminded the hosts of his previous discussions with them, “It really does show what I’ve been saying from the very beginning, that we did not need a special counsel.”

Dershowitz explained that either an “objective, neutral, non-partisan investigation, either a congressional committee or by the IG is more efficient, it’s quicker and it has a greater degree of credibility.” Dershowitz explained that the IG reports shows us how we can get to the “bottom of things” without using the criminal justice system, or as Dershowitz accuses the special counsel of doing,
“using criminal law as a’ weapon’.”

He went on to explain how the special counsel first goes for the “low hanging fruit” first and then tries to get them to flip and to cooperate.

Fox Host Peter Hegseth asked Dershowitz, “When does this end, and where will it end?”

Dershowitz explains that it will end when there are indictments of the “low hanging fruit” some “indictments and pleas from people who are peripherally involved in the campaign, or who committed crimes, not before the special counsel was appointed, but because the special counsel was appointed. The appointment of the special counsel creates new crimes….obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses.”

“I think we end with a report, a report that is probably very critical of the President and that does not recommend indictment or does not indict him, because a sitting president can’t be indicted, and doesn’t come to any conclusion regarding impeachment, just says ‘here’s the things that he did, now Congress, you consider impeachment’.”

Dershowitz passionately warns, “In my forthcoming book, I strongly recommend the case against impeachment.”

Dershowitz goes on to explain why the 2016 election was a disaster and even admits that he voted for Hillary. Demanding that the American people ultimately just won’t’ stand for Russian or intelligence community interference into our elections.



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