What a snoozer! Two career swamp dwellers testified today in the impeachment hearings. It was obvious the two men are “self-important” career government political hacks who have a disagreement with President Trump on his policy with Ukraine. They believe they know better that the Commander in Chief…a coup!

Neither Ambassador Taylor nor George Kent are direct witnesses. This is just more hearsay from bureaucrats of the D.C. Swamp.

Ambassador Taylor repeatedly uses words like “corruption” and “quid pro quo” confirming he’s a biased witness. It’s clear that he didn’t like President Trump’s policy and was in opposition to the president on everything. He comes off as very self-important…he believes he knows better than the president.

“Folks, as you listen to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Kent today, remember: neither of these witnesses have any serious firsthand knowledge of the key events. Taylor didn’t even speak to President Trump during any of this. Kent admitted he had no firsthand information of any order from POTUS.” ~ Rep. Mark Meadows

George Kent comes from a long line of bureaucrats and has been working in the swamp for decades and decades:

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You can see why these guys are anti-Trump and are part of the coup against President Trump.

George Kent says Americans should fight and dies for Ukraine’s borders:

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Here’s the case in a nutshell according to Anne Coulter:

It’s a policy disagreement, featuring self-important bureaucrats telling us that their views are better than THE ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.

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