THE OBAMAS ARE LIKE THE CLINTONS…They just keep turning up like a bad penny. Who knows why they keep popping up everywhere but some say Michelle might run for POTUS in 2020…They must not have gotten the message in the 2016 election….GO AWAY! Note to Barack: STOP criticizing President Trump. You make yourself look like a bigger loser than you already are! It’s not about you anymore!

This appearance reminds us of the odd Oscars show when Michelle wore a new weave with bangs and a glam gown to give out the best picture award:

Barack and Michelle Obama for some strange reason appeared at the 2017 American Music Awards, serving as a warm-up act for the winner of the life-time achievement award, Diana Ross:

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The Obamas discussed how important Ross’s music is to them.

“When we heard Diana Ross was getting the lifetime achievement award, our first reaction was, she doesn’t have it yet?” Obama said in a pre-taped appearance.

“Her artistry resonates with folks of every race, background, and walk of life,” Michelle Obama said. “And today her voice is still as pure, her beauty is undeniable, and her showmanship is on point as back when she was a Supreme.


Obama said he and his wife’s affinity for Ross is why he awarded her the presidential medal of freedom.

“We still listen to Diana around the house,” Obama said. “that’s why we gave her the presidential medal of freedom last year. But, this is a big deal too.”

“Diana Ross, we love you,” Michelle said, with her husband echoing:  “We love you much.”

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