Get ready for the best six seconds of your life and this isn’t one of those “that’s what she said” jokes.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was on CNN and told them straight up the five words that we’ve all been thinking.

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BOOM! Graham told her how it is! If you don’t like him working with or for President Trump to make the world a better place, then he does not care one bit, except what he said rhymes with BIT!!

Has anyone noticed that Graham has been kicking butt and taking names for the last few weeks? He was on fire ripping into everyone during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. He called out Democrats for setting up a sham and character assassination plot. He was right on that one. We already can see the Democrats trying to stall, delay, or prolong the one-week FBI investigation they were given just to stop Kavanaugh from getting on before midterm elections.

Lindsey Graham has emerged as a star amid Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s unfortunate situation as he suffers through a character assassination because the Democrats are trying desperately to fight off a conservative from joining the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court sits at 4 seats per side, the Republicans and Democrats each having an equal amount of people.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation is a massive shift in power that puts the Republicans at an advantage. What’s next is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg might leave on account of her age, as she’s 85. She had a chance to retire when Obama was president, but she declined. Had she retired, then the Democrats could’ve put someone much younger in her position and retained her seat for decades. Now she might leave while a Republican is a president and that would find a Democrat seat replaced by a Republican, shifting the power further to the right.

If Democrats are successful, then we can expect Graham to go right after Republicans just as much as Democrats. I have a feeling he’s not too happy with Sen. Jeff the Flake right now.

I don’t think Graham was trying to be funny, but sometimes when you’re just being yourself, you’re accidentally funny.

Here’s Graham back in 2015 being funny as well. This was well before Trump was in office and things got murky with the left vs right.

Here’s a clip of Lindsey Graham saying that the GOP has gone “batsh*t crazy” and he gathers a round of applause that’s worthy of a night at the Apollo.

This wasn’t funny, but this was Graham coming out super strong and blasting Democrats like no other.

Graham called the Democrat’s attack on Kavanaugh and inability to protect Christine Blasey Ford and her privacy, he leveled the room with silence.

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