When reports of dogs getting COVID and possibly spreading it to others surfaced early in the pandemic, Facebook fact-checkers went into overdrive to shut down any conversations on the topic on the anything but free-speech platform.

USA Today, one of the worst “fact-checker” groups employed by Facebook wrote: Researchers have linked the novel coronavirus’ origin to a live animal market in Wuhan, China. It’s believed to have animal origins, possibly in bats.But the CDC’s website states there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the virus.

We all know now that the CCP virus did NOT come from a live animal market in China, yet the misleading statement still remains in the USA Today “fact-checking” article.

USA Today also fails to mention the gain of function study on bats in the Wuhan lab that was partially funded by Dr. Fauci that gave us the CCP virus pandemic.

With so much misinformation on the CCP virus provided by government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, doctors, medical professionals, media talking heads, fact-checking “experts” like those at the activist Facebook fact-checking site “Science Feedback,” it’s hard to know what to believe anymore.


One topic that’s getting very little coverage by anyone in the media is the transmission of the CCP virus from humans to animals.

On April 5, 2020, the USDA released a stunning statement about the infection of a tiger with COVID19 from a zoo employee who was “actively shedding the virus.” Unfortunately, the story got very little attention from the media.

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Veterinary Services Laboratories has confirmed SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19 in humans) in one tiger at a zoo in New York. This is the first instance of a tiger being infected with COVID-19. Samples from this tiger were taken and tested after several lions and tigers at the zoo showed symptoms of respiratory illness.

Public health officials believe these large cats became sick after being exposed to a zoo employee who was actively shedding the virus.

WXYZ reports – The Detroit Zoo announced Monday it is vaccinating animals against COVID-19, who are believed to be the most susceptible to the virus.

According to the zoo, gorillas, chimpanzees, tigers, and lions are the first to receive doses.

The zoo is using a special vaccine that was developed exclusively for animals by veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis, which has been authorized on a case-by-case basis by the USDA.

The American Veterinarian Medical Association website states: “Currently, we have no information that suggests that pets might be a source of infection for people with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

The Detroit Zoo is taxpayer-funded. How many more millions of dollars will have to be spent to keep animals protected against a virus that should never have been released into the public in the first place?

Who will be held accountable for this worldwide pandemic that killed millions, destroyed economies, and is pitting people against each other around the world over unconstitutional lockdowns, and mask and vaccine mandates?

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