The Democrats have put together a draft of their 2020 platform.

It may not surprise you to learn that it is crammed with extreme, far-left ideas that would be rejected by a majority of Americans.

Breitbart has assembled an extensive list of them—American Lookout narrowed it down to the eight craziest items.

See below:

1. Declaring housing a “right.” Providing housing for everyone is a worthy goal, but declaring it a “right” is a socialist ruse that creates massive problems. Just ask South Africa, which has a “right” to housing — and millions living in shacks.

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2. Medicare for All. Though the platform adopts a “public option” — too left-wing for Democrats under Barack Obama — it “welcomes … those who support a Medicare for All approach,” paving the way for government-run health care later.

3. Cutting police. Though it is careful to avoid the actual words “defund the police,” the Democratic draft platform describes minority communities as “overpoliced,” meaning they will cut police in the areas that need the most help.

4. Gun control. Democrats have not wavered in their determination to restrict firearms ownership — even though the recent unrest made it clear there is no other option for Americans when political leaders refuse to restrain the mob.

5. Federal funding for abortion. Democrats want to repeal the Hyde amendment, providing for publicly funded abortion through birth. In one section, Democrats even refer to abortion as a “human right” — ignoring unborn children.

6. Restricting political speech. Democrats are reviving Hillary Clinton’s proposal to pass a constitutional amendment to restrict political speech to overcome the Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United — overturning the First Amendment.

7. D.C. statehood. Democrats want to make Washington, DC, the 51st state, meaning two permanent Democrat seats in the U.S. Senate. They hint at possible statehood for Puerto Rico as well. Republicans would be a permanent minority.

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8. Restricting charter schools and ending vouchers. In deference to the teacher’s unions that have kept urban schools in a state of permanent failure, Democrats want to prevent African American and Latino children from escaping.

The Democrats want to get rid of police and they want gun control.

The Democrats want choice when it comes to abortion, but not school choice for children and families.

What planet are they living on?

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