As the audit of the 2020 Presidential Election is wrapping up, a total of nine states will be sending in delegations today to oversee the audit facility in Arizona.

(AP Photo/Matt York, Pool)

These nine states include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Virginia, Colorado, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Nevada, Alaska, and Utah.

Where is Michigan’s name on this list? Why won’t the Republican leaders in Michigan where they have a majority in the House and Senate, send a delegation to Arizona to observe the audit process? Have they forgotten that hundreds of Michigan citizens signed affidavits and bravely testified in hearings about voter fraud they witnessed in their state? What about Attorney Matt DePerno, who continues to reveal election irregularities in Michigan related to his forensic audit of the Dominion voting machine in Antrim County, where over 5K votes flipped from Trump to Biden?

These state delegations are scheduled to be given an on-site tour of the audit facilities. So far, seven out of the nine state delegations have already been given a tour, with Wisconsin delegates set to fly in today for theirs.


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Indeed, the uptick in election investigations in the last few weeks has lifted the spirits of large segments of the Republican grassroots.

As of today, the hand counting process of the 2020 Presidential Election in Maricopa County is near completion, with just one pallet of untouched ballots left to be counted. This audit has been important enough to warrant a visit from the Arizona GOP Chairwoman herself, Dr.

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