This is rich! The guy who opened our borders to criminals during the Obama era is now telling us that statues are a homeland security threat?  Former Obama administration official Jeh Johnson said on This Week with Martha Raditz that the removal of Confederate statues was a matter of “public safety and homeland security” on Sunday…Oh brother!

A single protest against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee turned violent last week. Charlottesville, WV was the sight of the engineered confrontation of two groups that got out of hand because the police officers were told to stand down.

Jeh Johnson served as Secretary of Homeland Security under Obama but failed miserably to keep our homeland secure. We now have a mess that President Trump is trying to clean up. Johnson allowed violent gangs like MS13 to enter towns across America. He allowed thousands of illegal alien minor children to just roam free. Johnson is responsible for much of the illegal alien crime we’re seeing now. The lawless policy of Obama and Johnson hurt many Americans.

So now Johnson is saying that it’s a problem that rallying Americans who want to keep Confederate statues are the violent ones??? THE VIOLENCE IS COMING FROM ANTIFA AND BLACK LIVES MATTER ON THE LEFT!

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THIS IS NOT TRUE: “What alarms so many of us from a security perspective is that so many of the statues, the Confederate monuments, are now, modern-day, becoming symbols and rallying points for white nationalism, for neo-Nazis, for the KKK, and this is most alarming,” Johnson said. “We fought a world war against Naziism. The KKK reigned terror on African Americans for generations.”

“I salute those in cities and states who are taking down a lot of these monuments for reasons of public safety and security,” he added. “And that’s not a a matter of political correctness. That’s a matter of public safety and homeland security and doing what’s right.”

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Host Martha Raddatz said she felt the Trump administration would call that a “slippery slope,” referring to local Washington locations like Washington-Lee High School and Jefferson Davis Highway.

“Where should that stop?” Raddatz asked.

Johnson said those kinds of decisions should be made at the local level.

President Donald Trump slammed the removal of such monuments as “foolish” and for ripping apart the “history and culture of our great country.”


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