Independent journalist Andy Ngo shared a video that was taken in Los Angeles at the far-left Women’s March. Most of us have come to expect vile and inappropriate signs, costumes and even behavior at these pro-abortion, anti-Trump, feminazi rallies, but what Andy shared was even more shocking.

Two young girls, who appear to be between 6-9 years old, were caught on camera taking turns chanting, “Fuck Donald Trump!” from the side of the street.


One of the little girls was wearing a pink t-shirt and holding a handmade sign that read “Fuck Trump.” As the camera got closer, the two young girls boldly looked into the camera and took turns shouting “Fuck Donald Trump!” into Andy Ngo’s microphone.

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Another Twitter user posted a video of the same girls on roller skates. As the girls get closer to the camera, the girl in the pink t-shirt can be heard saying, “Fuck Donald Trump, bitch!” The other girl in the video is holding a homemade sign that read,” Trump You A Pussy!”

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Last week pro-Iran freedom activist, Saghar Erica Kasraie, posted a stunning video that was taken in Iran of a group of young girls who’ve been indoctrinated by radical Islamic teachers in school. Like the far-left feminists in America teach their children to hate President Trump, these poor little girls are taught to hate America and England at a very young age.


How is the hatred these young Muslim girls are being taught in school any different than the hatred Democrat women are teaching their little girls? The indoctrination of young girls to hate those who are not like them isn’t limited to radical religious ideology, we’re seeing it right here in the United States of America, but somehow, those on the left think their brand of hateful indoctrination is acceptable.

When young girls are taught hate for anyone they don’t agree with, they grow up to be girls like the ones in this photo who are celebrating the life of the first female terrorist to hijack an airplane.

No matter where you live, indoctrinating young children to display this type of hatred is unacceptable, and is a clear case of child abuse.

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