Senator Jeff Sessions will receive mostly support during the confirmation hearings BUT Corey Booker plans on stirring the pot…Figures! Watch live below…

Member Statements
Senator Chuck Grassley R (IA)
The Honorable Richard Shelby
United States Senator
State of Alabama

The Honorable Susan Collins
United States Senator
State of Maine

Panel I

Senator Jeff Sessions

Panel II
The Honorable Michael Mukasey
Former Attorney General
U.S. Department Of Justice
Washington, DC

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Mr. Oscar Vazquez
U.S. Veteran
Fort Worth, TX

Mr. Peter Kirsanow
United States Commission On Civil Rights
Cleveland, OH

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Ms. Amita Swadhin
Mirror Memoirs
Los Angeles, CA

Ms. Jayann Sepich
DNA Saves
Carlsbad, NM

Mr. Cornell Brooks
President And CEO
Baltimore, MD

Mr. Chuck Canterbury
National President
Fraternal Order Of Police
Washington, DC

Mr. David Cole
Legal Director
Washington, DC

The Honorable Larry Thompson
Former Deputy Attorney General
U.S. Department Of Justice
Washington, DC

Panel III
The Honorable Cory Booker
United States Senator
State Of New Jersey

Mr. Willie Huntley
Former Assistant United States Attorney
Southern District Of Alabama
Mobile, AL

The Honorable John Lewis
United States Representative
5th District Of Georgia

The Honorable Jesse Seroyer
Former United States Marshal
Middle District Of Alabama
Montgomery, AL

The Honorable Cedric Richmond
United States Representative
2nd District Of Louisiana
Congressional Black Caucus

Mr. William Smith
Former Chief Counsel
Administrative Oversight And The Courts Subcommittee
Senate Judiciary Committee
Washington, DC

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