It’s been a little over a year since he reluctantly walked away from the people’s White House and headed south to Mar-a-Lago, where he’s never taken his foot off the Make America Great Again accelerator. After a miserable year of one Biden regime failure after another, Republicans, even some of the former never-Trump Republicans, are desperately hoping President Trump will make a comeback in 2024.

Tonight, in Conroe, TX, America’s most outspoken and straight-shooting President in American history will give tens of thousands of his loyal supporters a show they’ll never forget. If you’ve never been to a Trump rally, there’s nothing quite like it.

There’s something very electric about his rallies, as he commands the stage, speaking mostly off the cuff for several hours, and when he’s done, every America will walk away with the sense there will never be a leader who loves America more than Donald J. Trump, the man whos’ given up so much and gotten so little in return.

Before his dad takes the stage, Donald Jr. lights up the crowd:

The TX Guy 2020 shared an interesting video of a group of males that very well could be feds snooping around. We’re not saying they are federal agents, but in this day and age, it certainly isn’t a stretch.

Here is the live feed of President Trump’s rally in Conroe, TX:

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