President Trump is hosting his first post-Wuhan coronavirus pandemic rally tonight in Tulsa, OK at the BOK Center that holds approximately 20,000 people. Over one million people have registered for the event.

Yesterday, the OK Supreme Court shot down efforts by Democrats to stop the rally from taking place. Shortly after the Supreme Court decision was announced, President Trump tweeted that the Tulsa Mayor had agreed to lift the curfew for Friday and Saturday night, allowing Trump supporters to enjoy the event without fear of violating the law.

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Today, a massive number of enthusiastic Trump supporters are lining up to take part in a historic Trump campaign rally in Tulsa. Melissa Tate, a vocal supporter of President Trump and

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Hundreds of thousands are expected to converge on the city of Tulsa, to show their support for President Trump.

Markers are set up for Trump supporters waiting in line. Temperatures will be taken before entering the event and face masks will be handed out to every person entering the venue. Supporters of the president are not required to wear the masks.

Here’s a widescreen image of the crowd.

The National Guard was greeted by loud cheers as they showed up the event that many fear could turn violent if leftist agitators show up to harm or threaten Americans who don’t share their political views.

Fox News covered the event, explaining how people entering the arena will be given a mask to wear and will have their temperature taken before they’re allowed to go inside.

The BOK Center continues to fill up with Trump supporters.

The Right Side Broadcasting Network is live streaming the event.

Here is the video showing the live coverage of the historic rally:

Here’s part two of the live video:

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