Representative Liz Cheney is increasingly disliked by Wyoming voters and America-First voters in general. From her central role on the January 6 commission to her vote to impeach President Trump, to being censured at home by the GOP, her race is not going well. Wyoming’s primary is August 16, and early voting has already begun.

Wyoming Republican Senator John Barrasso weighed in on Cheney, saying

“Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is unlikely to win her primary battle, claiming there are ‘not enough Democrats’ to help her.” The Daily Wire reported.

Last month, Cheney’s campaign sent mailers to Wyoming Democrats instructing people how to switch their voter affiliation to Republican so they could vote for her in the August GOP primary.

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“Wyoming politics is very personal – it’s face-to-face” Barrasso said,  Liz Cheney has a “lot of work to do” if she is going to stand a chance of retaining her seat. “I voted against impeachment on President Trump” “She was for it” Barrasso said.

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Harriet Hageman is Cheney’s primary challenger, Trump-backed and not afraid to call politicians out.

Hageman spoke to her fellow Wyoming citizens and electrified the audience. “We are fed up”
she said listing the grievances Americans have against their leaders.

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