Democrat Elizabeth Warren was asked how she planned to pay for expensive proposals by saying, “there’s always money…it’s there.”

Lily Eskelsen García asked Warren about government money to which Warren asked if we choose defense or our children:

“The way I see it, there’s always, c’mon, there’s always money. It’s there. Are we going to spend the money on defense, or are we going to spend the money on our children?”

“So the answer is yes. And pay for it? This is about our priorities, what matters most to us. A budget is about priorities.”

Warren and Sanders are very similar in their belief that we need a nanny state and a bigger government. One of the things our government is supposed to do is to provide for a strong defense, but it is not supposed to be our nanny from birth to death.


Warren recently indicated she would make Americans pay for illegal alien healthcare:

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren shamelessly admits that her Medicare for all plan would force Americans to provide FREE health care for illegal aliens.

Warren and Sanders have both been pulling out all the stops to pander to the Hispanic vote this week. They plan on using your tax dollars to buy votes.

Bernie Sanders proposed a new immigration plan this week that calls for ICE to be abolished and would create a path to citizenship for illegals.

Now we have Elizabeth Warren also calling for open borders and free healthcare for illegals:

“Undocumented people” are illegally in America so why should they get healthcare “regardless of their immigration status”?

Then Warren goes on to say that deporting illegals makes no “safety sense”. She should tell that to the families of people who have been victims of illegal alien crime. Those crimes are 100% preventable.

She even opposes the deportation of CRIMINAL illegal aliens!

How could any American vote for open borders?

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