The Hollywood echo chamber strikes again!

Every now and then, the glittering facade of the entertainment elite cracks, and what lies beneath is anything but glamorous.

If anything underscores Hollywood’s mind-boggling hypocrisy, it’s the recent bombshell surrounding Lizzo.

Remember the constant lectures from the limelight-stealers?

Their sermons on values, their finger-pointing, their enthusiastic jumping on the bandwagon whenever they sense an opportunity to call out the likes of President Trump. A

nd yet, here they are, drenched in scandal and the stench of double standards.

Lizzo, who so passionately branded herself as a paragon of body positivity, is now battling allegations of sexual harassment and fat-shaming, of all things!

It seems the very values she preached have come back to haunt her.

And the fallout?

The 35-year-old pop sensation has been axed from the Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show, a coveted slot that could have further cemented her stardom.

But now, it’s her reputation that’s on the line, with insiders hinting at a tumultuous journey ahead for her career.

One can’t help but wonder: Where is the roaring #MeToo crowd now?

The same voices that were deafeningly loud, standing against any perceived injustice, now seem to have gone silent.

Is the crusade against misconduct only applicable when it aligns with their narrative?

Is it merely a tool for convenience, wielded when it suits their agenda and conveniently ignored when one of their own is in the spotlight?

As Lizzo’s team scrambles to salvage what’s left of her reputation, it’s a stark reminder that perhaps Hollywood should think twice before taking the moral high ground.

The next time one of Tinseltown’s finest decides to step up on their soapbox, maybe they should remember that glass houses and stone-throwing don’t mix.

The hypocrisy is glaring, and the world is watching.

The Daily Mail has more details:

Lizzo has been dropped from Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show consideration after facing a series of shocking sexual harassment and fat-shaming allegations from former dancers – leaving her team in a desperate scramble to ‘save her sinking ship’ of a career.

Earlier this month the 35-year-old popstar – who has marketed herself as a body-positive activist – found herself at the center of a sensational scandal when three of her former dancers, Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez and Arianna Davis, filed a lawsuit against her, accusing Lizzo of creating a ‘hostile work environment’.

Now, an NFL insider exclusively tells that the ensuing backlash over the allegations has prompted the organization to immediately drop Lizzo from Super Bowl Halftime Show contention – having previously had her name in the mix as one of the front-runners for the 2024 spectacle.

‘Talks of Lizzo being a part of the Halftime festivities, or performing the National Anthem, are dead now that she is surrounded by scandal,’ the source said in the wake of the accusations – which Lizzo vehemently denies.


As Lizzo is removed from the potential line-up at this year’s Super Bowl, which is taking place in Las Vegas in February 2024, her team is facing a desperate struggle to salvage her career and reputation.

A second source close to the singer tells that her team is ‘desperately trying to come up with a strategy to save her sinking ship.’

‘It is becoming more and more difficult with more people coming forth accusing her of extremely inappropriate acts,’ the music-industry confidante tells

Well, isn’t that something?

Cancel culture: an erratic storm that’s been brewing in the societal pot, all too often wielded like a weapon by those with the loudest megaphones.

And while the principle of “canceling” anyone is fundamentally wrong, one cannot help but marvel at the poetic justice when the blowback hits a woke icon.

If ever there was an epitome of the phrase “live by the sword, die by the sword,” Lizzo’s situation might just be it.

Here we have Lizzo, a modern-day superstar who wore her identity not just on her sleeve, but as a badge of honor, a protective shield, and a career-propelling rocket, all rolled into one.

But with these recent accusations, it seems the protective barrier she so carefully crafted may be showing some chinks.

The irony is richer than a chocolate mousse.

For all the chest-thumping, for all the fervent declarations of self, here she stands, accused of the very things she decried.

Now, to be clear, the allegations are just that – allegations.

But the reaction, or rather the spectacle, is telling.

In our age of identity politics, where the currency is oppression and the more boxes you check, the higher your societal worth, Lizzo’s ascendancy to stardom was almost mathematical.

But the reality?

Who you are is far more than the sum of your labels.

Your character?

That’s the gold standard, and no amount of societal clout can paper over its cracks.

The Federalist provides incredible insight:

The salacious lawsuit filed against mega pop star Lizzo by several of her backup dancers is not only ironic, but it’s also a reminder that our identities should be defined by personal character, not by how many oppression boxes we check. In the lawsuit filed last week, the former backup dancers accused the singer of body shaming and pressuring them to perform grotesque sexual acts at an Amsterdam strip club.

Lizzo — the woman who built her brand around being an obese, anti-bullying, vaguely LGBT, racial minority — is accused of actually being a fatphobic, sexually harassing bully. It’s ironic because Lizzo has personally made her weight a focal point of her public persona. She has publicly proclaimed “I like being fat” and dubbed herself a “body icon.”


You might wonder why Lizzo, a popular pop star, would want to proclaim herself a “body icon” instead of a “music icon.” But when people like fitness influencer Jillian Michaels point that out, Lizzo and her fans recoil because, according to contemporary culture, Lizzo’s weight is intrinsically tied to Lizzo. It’s who she is, not merely an accidental characteristic.

Obesity is part of the intersectional coalition of our society’s protected classes, among which are black, Hispanic, indigenous, and LGBT people. That’s why Lizzo and other overweight individuals appear proud of their obesity — a debilitating condition that can cause heart disease, diabetes, depression, and early death, among other problems.

To be someone of importance in modern society, one has to be able to demonstrate a level of oppression. As a result, Lizzo is constantly reminding us of her race, weight, and supposed LGBT status (she claims to have a nonconforming sexual orientation even though she “lean[s] heterosexual”).

But the allegations against Lizzo, whether they are true or not, serve as a good reminder that all the victimhood boxes Lizzo checks have no bearing on her personal character. Identity politics emphasizes meaningless group associations based on physical attributes and nonsense concepts like “gender identity” over the individual. Lizzo’s weight and race tell us zilch about who she is as a person. The latter is the real standard we should judge her by, instead of her membership in identity groups.

So, as the woke warrior might find herself on the receiving end of the very culture she so championed, one can’t help but think…

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for a societal course correction…

Maybe it’s time to realize that we’re all more than the labels we wear, and that, in the grand theater of life, character should always take center stage.

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