California Governor Gavin Newsom made news when he was busted hosting a dinner where it has been reported that no masks were worn. Newsom has been preaching lockdown measures like wearing a mask to California’s citizens but isn’t obeying his own lockdown orders.

Former Fox News reporter Adam Housley went digging to see what he could find out about the Newsom dinner. He lives in the area where the high-end restaurant the French Laundry is located.

He found that there were actually 22 people in attendance at the restaurant and not the reported 12 people.

Housley reported via tweets about the “loud” party:

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“Because Yountville is my hometown..and where the French Laundry is located…I thought I’d do some digging. Facts about the Newsom dinner. The bar bill was around 15-thousand—22 people in attendance, not 12. No masks. All indoors. They got so loud, other patrons complained.”

“There was ‘zero effort’ to go outside, and there was no social distancing of any type. I’m also told some of those there are now privately laughing at the controversy. Remember, this is my little hometown. The walls speak.”

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