Liberty Steel Mill in Georgetown, South Carolina will reopen  after closing in 2015. Georgetown is one of those small towns full of the forgotten Americans who are unemployed and barely making it:

Boris Gibson lost his job at the mill in July 2015.
“It’s been a struggle. But doing odd jobs here and there,” Gibson said.

“I believe these tariffs should have been put in a long time ago. And maybe we wouldn’t have been at this point right now being out of work at all,” Gibson said.

Gibson didn’t vote for President Trump. We bet he’ll be voting for him in 2020!

Steel workers credit President Donald Trump’s controversial plan to put tariffs on imported steel and aluminum for the mill’s re-opening.

ABC News 4 reports:

While the results of President Trump’s proposal have yet to be seen, union leaders at Liberty Group said 16 people have been called in today to begin the hiring process.
The group promises 125 people will be working at their facility later this year.

“The American people right now are suffering in the United States because of these unfair trade deals. And these economists, these business people that’s running around hollering that these tariffs are going to hurt the American people are just absolutely wrong,” said Jim Sanderson, president of the USW Local 7898.

Sanderson disagrees with critics who believe taxing steel imports will hurt the economy.

In fact, it appears to have the opposite effect in Georgetown. Sixteen people have been hired and have been seen pressure washing some areas of the mill.
President Trump is serious about bringing back American jobs and American manufacturing. Small town across America will spring to life with the new jobs.

“The forgotten men and women of America will be forgotten no more” – PDJT

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