Just when you think it can’t get any worse, Australia assures us that yes, indeed it can.

New South Wales Health Minister Dr. Kerry Chant sounds like a globalist who takes pleasure in stripping people of their rights and freedom. That’s probably because she is and she does.

Watch as she winces and frowns before casually dropping the NWO – F-bomb equivalent:

Is the Australian government trying to rile everyone up or do they just want everyone to know that they no longer care about keeping their ambitions secret?

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Twitter users jumped to defend Dr. Chant’s vile choice of words, claiming that she was tired:
Of course not. Calm your farm. Such an obvious gaffe as I’m sure she was meaning to say “new normal.” People get tired and people are human.

Keep your head in the sand, continue to ignore the obvious, and above all, don’t believe your lying eyes. If ignorance really is bliss, this poster has to be down-right euphoric:
The nerve of these people taking it out of context. ‘New World Order’ could literally mean anything, it doesn’t inherently mean we’re becoming an authoritarian police state or some shit.


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