During a Tuesday appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Kelly Loeffler provided a warning about the “future of the country” as her state heads to vote in the Senate runoff elections in a week.

Responding to the clip of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) saying Democrats will take Georgia and then “change America,” Loeffler stressed that her state is “the firewall for stopping socialism” in the United States. She added that Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock “would be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer’s radical agenda.”

“The future of the country is on the ballot here in Georgia. We’re the battleground. We’re the firewall for stopping socialism,” Loeffler emphasized. “And you heard Chuck Schumer in that clip say he wants to change America. His radical agents of change are our opponents, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. They would be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer’s radical agenda to reshape this country into something unrecognizable.”

She continued, “We’re going to hold the line here in Georgia, but I need all Georgians to get out and vote, and that’s we’re crisscrossing the state nonstop. I was in south Georgia this weekend, heading up to North Georgia now, right after this. And I’m looking forward to making sure that Georgians understand exactly what’s at stake here because that’s what we’re fighting for. And we’re going to keep up that work until next Tuesday — a week from today. But polls are open now until Thursday — regular business hours. We need Georgians to get out and vote and make sure their friends and family have a plan to vote. Make your voice heard. That’s what the president is coming down to Georgia to do.”


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On Monday The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft spoke with Senator Kelly Loeffler on her upcoming senate run-off against far-left radical Raphael Warnock.

The vote is set for January 5th but already Democrats are bragging about their questionable voter registration drive in November and December.

Senator Loeffler is up in the polls over her radical opponent.

On Monday, Hoft and Loeffler talked about her brave stand against the Black Lives Matter political movement.

We also spoke about her stand against the tech giants and proposals to strip the tech companies from their 230 protections. Sen. Loeffler introduced a bill in October to stop the “un-American” big tech censorship of free speech.

And we asked Senator Loeffler about the alleged fraud in the 2020 election and if this will hurt her chances in January.

Senator Loeffler: Look, Jim. I hear concerns from Georgians every single day. I’m out on the road all across the state getting our message out. But also letting them know we’re not going to stand for any fraud in this election. I actually introduced a bill back in September seeing this unprecedented mail-in voting happening. I introduced legislation that would increase the penalties for penalties, the jailtime, the fines on voter fraud. We have to hold people accountable here in Georgia. It needs to be investigated. My understanding is there is anywhere from 100 to 250 cases open right now. But we have to get to that bottom of that because we have an active election going on right here that is going to determine the future of the country.

And finally, Hoft asked Senator Loeffler about standing with President Trump on January 6th. 

Jim Hoft: There is some talk that there needs to be a senator, a Republican Senator to stand up for Trump when the time comes on the 6th. And I think you’re an ideal candidate, let me say that. Because you have the guts to stand up and do what’s right. We’ve seen that and a lot of the grassroots supporters who support you would really like to see something like that from you or one of your colleagues… I think you’re a phenomenal candidate. You should win if it’s fair you will be there for several more years. And we certainly support you at The Gateway Pundit.

Senator Loeffler: Well, thank you very much, Jim. In regard to January 6th I’ve been very clear, nothing is off the table. I’ve got to make sure I win January 5th first. But we are going to continue to fight for this president.

The Georgia Senator has made it clear that NOTHING is off the table at this point.

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