A guest post by Hailey Sanibel of Blue State Conservative.

The NFL season is less than hours away, which means fans will be ruthlessly subjected to race and inclusivity pandering. There will be messages from millionaire black athletes telling blue-collar, white fans how oppressed they are and how bigoted those fans are, never mind the fact they wear their jerseys and scream for their touchdowns.

It is still worth remembering that the Minnesota Vikings invited the entire George Floyd family to their first game in the 2020 season. They did not invite – nor have they ever reached out to – any of Floyd’s victims, including the pregnant woman whom he robbed and assaulted.

Thankfully, not everyone is insane. Green Bay legend Aaron Rodgers can poke fun at the woke mob. He already melted their brains when he said he was immunized and very much not vaccinated during the charade of public health politicking last season. Now, he’s going a step further. As one journalist at the camp reported:

No still photography is allowed in the locker room, and he didn’t talk today, but Aaron Rodgers is wearing a “Rodgers/Lazard ‘23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” T-shirt.


This is fantastic. The Make Anything Great Again concept is an automatic trigger for blue-haired, gender-studying communists. These idiots have been conditioned so hard to respond with unbridled emotional outrage that the slightest indication of greatness or red hats is enough to set them off.

Sure enough, the Karens came out in full force on Twitter with their predictable nonsense. Leftist sports online magazine Sportskeeda reported from their unhinged worldview and offered up this rant:

After going off on journalism as a whole, the Packers’ franchise cornerstone was spotted wearing a “Rodgers/Lazard ‘23 MAKE GREEN BAY GREAT AGAIN” tee at practice.

Rodgers sporting such a t-shirt didn’t go down well with a number of NFL fans. It is a play on former US President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. Here’s what fans on social media had to say about Aaron Rodgers’ latest stunt:

Then came the Twitter comments:

Aaron Rodgers deserves all the smoke he gets.

Aight. I’m out. Loved him for a long time, but he’s had a few too many concussions or something.

Man being a Green Bay fan is exhausting

Augh…..i love the sentiment but does it have to be phrased THAT way???

Can anyone stand that guy anymore?

ohh. great. a lot more reasoning to hate this man

Does the back say “Immunized?

I knew he was a Trumper

Ya don’t tell me Rodgers isn’t a white supremacist FOH

Of course he is. Why do Green Bay packers quarterbacks get weirder as they age?

Aaron Rdgers isn’t the first NFL star to light up losers. Tom Brady famously had a MAGA hat in his locker and was reportedly close to the former president, along with New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

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