With all the bluster of the phony “reverend” Al Sharpton defending the fake rape of Twana Brawley, a South African man who calls himself a “pastor,” stages a fake “resurrection of a man lying in a coffin, while his wife pretends to faint nearby.

According to BBC– A group of funeral directors in South Africa say they will sue a self-styled prophet who claims to have resurrected a dead man.

A viral video of Pastor Alph Lukau shows him shouting “rise up” to a man lying down in a coffin who then jerks upright to cheers from worshippers.
The funeral companies say they were manipulated into being involved.
The spectacle, seen outside Pastor Lukau’s church near Johannesburg, has been ridiculed and condemned by many.

He starts by telling a massive crowd, “He died this Friday, and he was in a mortuary.” The “pastor” then turns to the people behind him, who are circled around the casket, and identifies some of his guests, “This is the brother, and this is the landlord.” The flamboyant “pastor” looks across the casket and points to a woman standing across from the casket, asking “And you…who are you?” the woman with the microphone standing next to him replies, “The mother, the wife.” The “pastor” abruptly calls her over, yelling into the microphone, “The wife! This is the wife!— Come here, come, come here! This is the wife!” A man who appears to be peering into the casket is quickly shooed away by the “pastor,” as he tells him, “okay, okay, okay!”

The “pastor” then starts saying, “celebrate Jesus,” as the woman with the microphone next to him chants, “Jesus!” The “pastor” then hilariously turns to the people standing behind him to ask, “What is his name?”  He then calls the “dead man” by his name, waving his hand in front of his face, as the woman with the microphone chants, “Jesus!” The “pastor” asks everyone to wave their hands in the air, he then runs his hand over the body of the man in the casket, as the woman with the microphone says, “He’s commanding life into him.”

Suddenly, as the pastor yells, “Rise up,”  the man in the casket can be seen sitting upright with his mouth hanging open. The formerly dead man appears to be somewhere between dead and alive, as the “pastor” yells, “The coffin is empty!”

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A closer look at the “dead man” shows him breathing and his mouth moving before the “pastor” brought him back to life.


Social media was lighting up with comments that mocked the embarrassing and shameful performance, like this one, showing the “Resurrection Starter Kit.”

What’s the first thing every dead person wants to do when they’re resurrected? If you guessed “eat dinner,” you’d be correct.

Watch the video of the formerly dead person being fed dinner from his stadium seat. This tweet had the hashtag #ResurrectionChallenge


Finally, this video showing an animal playing dead in Africa to trick a hyena into chasing nearby live prey uses the #ResurrectionChallenge hashtag


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