The extremely exhausted Hillary and her extremely boring VP pick have written a book that is currently #5,301 on the Amazon books bestseller list. It’s really quite laughable that with only a little more than one month until the general election, Hillary can be found desperately hawking a book nobody wants to read at a rally in a tiny community center gymnasium in Orlando with only 300 people. That would be funny in and of itself, but Hillary’s desperation to sell a horrible book to a tiny and lethargic crowd (who are likely being paid to occupy seats) is not even the best part of the story.

It turns out, the book reviews written by Amazon users are a must read! They’re hilarious, revealing, and for the most part, when they are describing Crooked Hillary to a tee…

These are some of the most clever and funniest reviews you will ever see for a political book! Enjoy…

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A special thank you to GP and @FessEnden4 for making our day!

Click here for the view literally thousands of Hillary’s book reviews.

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