It’s been ten months since Joe Biden’s inauguration, and still, he can’t draw a crowd of more than a dozen people to hear him speak.

This afternoon, Joe Biden addressed a small crowd at a union center in Howell, MI, where he pushed his Communist “Build Back Better” agenda. The photo below shows the venue with approximately 10-12 chairs conveniently spaced apart in front of the podium where he spoke.

Over 1,500 Michigan residents lined the M-59 highway in Howell, MI, for several hours anticipating Biden’s arrival. They weren’t waiting for the confused lifetime politician because they wanted to show their support for him—in fact, it was just the opposite. “Trump Won,” “Trump 2024,” and “F*CK Joe Biden” signs held by Michiganders wearing MAGA hats filled both sides of the road.

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While bragging about his “81 million [ill-gotten] votes,” at his union event, Joe Biden addressed the welcoming committee he faced en route to his destination in Howell, Michigan.

“That’s why I took this [Communist] agenda to the country,” he told the small crowd, that included the unpopular Governor of Michigan.

“That’s what—notwithstanding some of the signs I saw coming here—why 81 million Americans voted for me—the largest number of votes in American history.”

“Notwithstanding the signs” he saw coming into the venue? What does that even mean? Is Biden trying to say that despite the 1,500 Trump supporters who spent their day standing by the side of the road to express their disdain for me, I’m still a pretty popular guy in Michigan?

I attended the anti-Biden rally with a friend and saw a total of (maybe) 6 Biden supporters, while well over 1,500 Trump supporters lined the highway for over a mile. It must be nice to get a pass from the dishonest mainstream media. If Trump were welcomed by over 1,500 Biden supporters it would’ve been international news—but the story of the American public’s disdain for the man who left 13 American soldiers to die doesn’t seem to be of any interest to the Democrat Party’s mainstream media.

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