If you want to know where to eat a good meal, are you going to ask for a restaurant that demands men pay more than women for the same menu items, or are you going to look at their reviews to see what the customers have to say about the quality of their food and beverages?

Nothing says empowering like intentionally making someone feel like a second-class citizen when they enter your restaurant because they weren’t born with the same genitalia—right?

One man-hating business, owned by a lesbian activist, who decided treating men poorly was a good idea, just got some very bad news.

Fox News reports – A lesbian-owned, vegan coffee shop in Brunswick, Australia, that made international headlines in 2017 for charging a voluntary 18 percent “man tax” will close its doors for good on Sunday after less than two years in business.

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Handsome Her, which opened as a “space for women, by women,” received backlash for what critics called reverse sexism. The café asked male patrons upon checkout if they wanted to pay an optional surcharge meant to represent the gender pay gap and offered female patrons priority seating.

While the business did not confirm or deny rumors of bankruptcy, co-owner Alexandra O’Brien said the Handsome Her team will continue to pursue its mission to drive change with “hands-on” work across Australia. O’Brien said allegations of sexism only proved “how fragile masculinity is” and confirmed the need to “confront and dismantle patriarchy.”

The business’ apparent failure sparked mixed reactions online. While some social media users praised the Handsome Her team as “heroes” and “lesbian feminist activists,” others called them “man-haters” and said the cafe’s impending closure proved that “sexism in business is a bad idea.”

When you promote your restaurant with hashtags like #blacklivesmatter, #humanrights, #feminism, #activism, and #veganfoodshare…what could possibly go wrong?

Here’s just a sampling of the Handsome Husband’s Instagram propaganda.

In a Facebook post titled “A Handsome Farewell,” O’Brien said the café opened “to carve out a swathe of space to prioritize women and women’s issues,” but instead became a “punching bag” while “gentlemen’s social clubs live on and strong around Melbourne and the world over.”

What do you think about this restaurant concept? Could it survive in even the most radical cities in America? We’d love to hear what you think in the comment section below.

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