MyPillow CEO and American patriot Mike Lindell and conservative lawyer Harmeet Dillon are challenging Ronna Romney-McDaniel for RNC Chair.

Mike Lindell is an American patriot with a proven track record of fighting for America. Ronna Romney-McDaniel does not.

Many believe Ronna, who was recently exposed as the caviar and champagne RNC Chair, has done nothing to deserve her role as the person in the Republican Party who decides how the donated funds are spent.

Romney-McDaniel knows her re-election bid is in trouble, so the blue-jean-clad big spender of other people’s money headed to the southern border for a staged photo op. Unfortunately, the result was likely not what she hoped for as she stood uncomfortably with a group of everyday Americans on the Texas-Mexico border for a ridiculous photo op.

“Glenn S Independent Conservative” mocked McDaniel for her phony, staged photo with everyday people, reminding her of a  recently released report that revealed millions of donations intended to be used to help the RNC that was, instead, spent on luxury items and services for McDaniel and friends.

The popular “Catturd” wrote: This is what you get with Ronna – staged photo ops, tweets, and losing elections.”

Romney-McDaniel shared the video yesterday at 4:35 PM, and by early this morning, over 3K Twitter users responded. There may be a single positive comment on the video, but we have yet to locate one.

Here are just a few of the brutal comments for the ineffective Republican Party Chair and queen of spending other people’s money:

The RNC Chair, who has been curiously quiet on defending the border over the past six years, decided to double down on her phony attempt to pretend to care about the border wall with yet another tweet. We’re not sure if Romney-McDaniel wanted to show a photo of herself after what appears to be extensive plastic surgery, including a tremendous weight loss or if she thought posing with people she has no connection with would help her campaign, but once again, Twitter users destroyed her in the comments.

“Build your resume! Sharpen up on your interview skills. Your days as GOP Chair should be drawing to a close. You’ve failed at countless levels,” Twitter user “Dogestredamus” wrote in response to her photo.

“Can we put you on the Mexico side?” another user asked. Another user wrote, “Fire the Romney RINO!”

Do you think Romney-McDaniel has earned another term as RNC Chair? Does her photo op and video on the border convince you that she’s the right person to make decisions on behalf of the Republican Party?

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