President Trump is in Rochester, MN tonight as part of his Make America Great Again rally tour.  A few hours ago, Trump tweeted about his tour and told his followers that we need to elect Republican candidate Karin Housley to the US Senate. He also tweeted his support for Republican candidates, Tom Emmer, Jason Lewis, Jim Hagedorn and Pete Stauber who are running for Congress.

While thousands of supporters line up outside to see Trump speak, investigative reporter, Laura Loomer secured a coveted front row seat, at the greatest show on earth…

Her latest tweet shows an exuberant Loomer, after President Trump waved at her, winked at her 3 times and mouthed “good job” to the reporter who bravely rushed the Central Park stage in New York, where cast members were performing a Shakespeare play where the main character, Julias Caeser, was dressed to look like President Donald Trump, and was brutally assassinated in front of a cheering crowd.

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Loomer also got some great video footage of the massive line of supporters waiting outside to see President Trump speak in the formerly blue state of Minnesota.

At 5 pm, Loomer remarked about the thousands of people still waiting outside to get into a venue that only holds 7,000 people.

Loomer also got a great video shot of the crowd chanting, “hey, hey, ho, ho, Keith Ellison has got to go!”, as they began to fill the stadium.

Loomer shared a photo of the accused physical abuser, and DNC Vice Chair, Keith Ellison, who’s also a sitting US Congressman running for Attorney General in the state of Minnesota.

After a long month of watching a good man’s reputation and the lives of his young family being destroyed by the Democrat Party and their allies in the media, Trump fans are 100% FED UP, and they’re fighting back against the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party. Minnesota Trump supporters hung posters that read “abuse” with an image of Keith Ellison above the press box at Trump’s rally to highlight the hypocrisy of the media who tried and convicted Judge Kavanaugh before he ever had a chance, to tell the truth. The poster of Ellison perfectly illustrates how the media has been ignoring the pleas of Keith Ellison’s former girlfriend, Karen Monahan, who’s begged the Democrat Party she belongs to, to hear her horrific story of abuse at the hands of the current Democrat Congressman.

Here’s a close-up of the poster:

Yesterday, the AP reported that Karen Monahan’s allegation that Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison (MN) once physically abused her could not be substantiated because she refused to provide video she said she had of the incident, an attorney with links to the state’s Democratic party who was hired to investigate the claims concluded in a draft report obtained by The Associated Press.

“An allegation standing alone is not necessarily sufficient to conclude that conduct occurred, particularly where the accusing party declines to produce supporting evidence that she herself asserts exists,” Ellingstad wrote. “She has thus repeatedly placed the existence of the video front and center to her allegations, but then has refused to disclose it.”

Imagine the outrage if an attorney with links to the Republican Party demanded video evidence of Christine Blasey Ford’s claim against Judge Kavanaugh, and that without it, she would not be believed.

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